Monthly Archive: December 2011


The SharePoint MVP Twitter List

On December 5th, 2011 I went through the list of 230 SharePoint MVPs and compiled them into a twitter list, located here:!/EricaToelle/sharepointmvps Many of them were not easy to find, and I may...


The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers

I am honored to be included on this list as the #10 up-and-coming SharePoint influencer.  Congrats to my fellow “almost” influencers! Link to article: The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers / via


Free Download: Desktop Bliss Windows 7 Theme

[version 0.5] I wanted a more refined desktop theme and spent some time creating this Windows 7 theme.  You can download it here: The icons I used can be downloaded here: In...

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