Why I’m Disappointed the Yammer Document Conversations Feature Has Been Cancelled in Office 365

Erica Toelle

Hi! I'm Erica, the Product Evangelist for RecordPoint, focused on Microsoft technologies from Seattle, WA, USA. I enjoy helping organizations with the business and people opportunities and challenges surrounding technology. Please feel free to reach out to me!

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4 Responses

  1. Its a hard call when you know the reasoning for the decision, but features are being moved — with no workaround in place. And I think you’re right that the bigger issue at play here is the A/B testing model with feature development versus UI/UX tweaks, especially in a platform used by enterprises. We expect it for consumer-based platforms, but require more stability from our enterprise collaboration tools.

    • Erica Toelle says:

      Agreed. In summary, I am disappointed that the commenting feature has been centralized in a place without ECM features, no matter the reasoning. We can only work from publicly available information there 🙂

      • Well, one HUGE issue with Yammer since the acquisition is that it has been yet another information silo. We’ve heard for some time about a move toward a consolidated file/document repository, which seems to finally be happening with this announcement, but its unfortunate that it has to happen in a way that make the overall UX more disjointed. Having said that, this is a duplication of what we saw with SharePoint features and a redirect over to Yammer for all things social, and we all know how smoothly that went over (still a work in progress, I suppose). My hope is that this transition toward using Office Web Apps to view and co-edit and discuss documents — and how it is presented/integrated with Yammer — is handled better.

  2. It never really had a chance to take off properly which is a pity though the Chrome Yammer add-in helps a little in this regard but that is only for web pages. There is still a lack of integration with Yammer and SharePoint and it impacts on users. Yammer is still a separate destination point and as you said Erica, there is a lack of control on documents in Yammer. We will have to wait and see what the next 6 months brings in the Yammerverse!

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