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Music for SharePoint

Happy #MusicMonday everyone! I’ve curated a play list of tracks that are guaranteed to enhance your SharePoint work. These tracks are mostly electronic music inspired with a steady beat and melody but minimal vocals,...


The SharePoint MVP Twitter List

On December 5th, 2011 I went through the list of 230 SharePoint MVPs and compiled them into a twitter list, located here:!/EricaToelle/sharepointmvps Many of them were not easy to find, and I may...


The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers

I am honored to be included on this list as the #10 up-and-coming SharePoint influencer.  Congrats to my fellow “almost” influencers! Link to article: The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers / via


Axceler: The One Thing Video

Thanks to Christian Buckley at Axceler for creating the “One Thing” SharePoint series. You can watch more videos from SharePoint community leaders over at Axceler’s YouTube page.

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