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1 Quick and Simple Image Placeholder Service

I recently discovered from one of my favorite user centered design blogs, allows you to generate a placeholder image using only a URL. For example,×150 will display as: I used...


The SharePoint MVP Twitter List

On December 5th, 2011 I went through the list of 230 SharePoint MVPs and compiled them into a twitter list, located here:!/EricaToelle/sharepointmvps Many of them were not easy to find, and I may...


The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers

I am honored to be included on this list as the #10 up-and-coming SharePoint influencer.  Congrats to my fellow “almost” influencers! Link to article: The Next Generation of SharePoint Influencers / via


Free Download: Desktop Bliss Windows 7 Theme

[version 0.5] I wanted a more refined desktop theme and spent some time creating this Windows 7 theme.  You can download it here: The icons I used can be downloaded here: In...


Apparat – The Devil’s Walk

Apparat- The Devil’s Walk by apparatApparat has most of his albums posted for free streaming over on his SoundCloud page. All of his stuff is great. For something more electronic sounding out his project...


Axceler: The One Thing Video

Thanks to Christian Buckley at Axceler for creating the “One Thing” SharePoint series. You can watch more videos from SharePoint community leaders over at Axceler’s YouTube page.

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