Erica Toelle is an internationally recognized speaker on SharePoint, Office 365 and Productivity and the Product Evangelist at RecordPoint. She shares best practices and experience with practitioners through conference sessions, workshops, webinars and online publications. Erica has been helping customers with SharePoint since 2004, and has been hired as an expert by over 50 of the Fortune 500, the SharePoint Product Team, and Microsoft IT.

Current Speaking Topics

Create an End User Adoption Strategy | 60 – 90 minutes

We all know that End User Adoption is an important area of focus in your SharePoint project. In this session we will take a closer look at the End User Adoption work stream on a SharePoint project, and the associated roles, responsibilities and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the specific needs of the organization. You’ll walk away from this session with a tactical formula you can follow to create your end user adoption strategy and templates to support the process.

One Drive for Business: Much More Than a File Share | 60 – 90 minutes

At first glance, it seems OneDrive for Business may be a return to the file share days, with folders and files located on a server somewhere. In reality, it’s a powerful enterprise content management tool with a robust list of features, including unlimited cloud storage per user. In this session, you’ll learn about the features of OneDrive for Business and best practices for including it in your information management toolbox. You’ll discuss how it fits into your SharePoint on premise and cloud roadmap, what content to put where, and how to migrate data from a file share or competitive platform into OneDrive for Business.

Plan to Migrate to SharePoint Online | 60 – 90 minutes

As organizations consider SharePoint Online as an option for hosting their SharePoint environments, you may ask yourself how an enterprise can actually move a large number of SharePoint sites to the cloud. In this session we will discuss a large scale SharePoint migration to Office 365 which starts with several highly customized sites and multiple versions of SharePoint. We will look at the project structure and plan, staffing, benefits and pitfalls, technical considerations, lessons learned, and how you can plan for a successful move to SharePoint Online.

Data Visualization in SharePoint | 60 – 90 minutes

Data Visualization in SharePoint is the ability to use appropriate tools to cultivate and present data in an interactive and compelling visual representation by way of dashboard, report or chart.  Although a number of data visualization tools are available, many organizations continue to struggle with making the best decisions regarding which tools to leverage and how data should be displayed.  Common challenges include the proliferation of different screen types and sizes, the rapid pace of change in Microsoft’s Business Intelligence arena, and the abundance of excess data.

At this complimentary event we will provide insight into the SharePoint and Microsoft BI stack and clarification on the data visualization options available.  We will cover Power BI, Power Pivot, Datazen, and out-of-the-box solutions to name a few.  We will also conduct a visual analysis demo on a mobile device and show rapid results with no code solutions.
By the end of this session you will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of the most recent data visualization tools available from Microsoft
  • A firm grasp on how to establish appropriate criteria and select the right tool for your organization’s needs
  • Clarification on how specific tools engage data that resides outside of SharePoint
  • Knowledge gleaned from having witnessed the formation of a mobile responsive dashboard that you could prototype the very next day!

Create Your End User Adoption Strategy | Half or Full Day Workshop

We all know that End User Adoption is an important area of focus in your SharePoint project. In this workshop we will take close look at the End User Adoption work stream on a SharePoint project and the associated roles, responsibilities, deliverables, and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the needs of the organization.

Specifically we will discuss:

    • A sample project plan and resource descriptions for the End User Adoption / Organizational Change Management work stream
    • An assessment to determine what organizational culture risk factors are present in your company and strategies for how to mitigate these risks
    • Avenues for executive and leadership buy in and how to obtain their endorsement
    • How to properly identify project stakeholders and gain their support and resources
    • Types of ongoing SharePoint programs to sustain your deployment through many years and create department level power users
    • Approaches to end user training and the pros / cons of each approach based on your organizational culture
    • How to create a communication plan that will sustain project momentum across all levels of the organization

Workshop Participants will walk away with a SharePoint End User Adoption strategy customized for their unique organization and project, and deliverable templates to begin executing the work stream.

Create a Sustainable SharePoint Strategy: SharePoint as a Service | 60 – 90 minutes

Even the best SharePoint deployments can run out of steam and fail to achieve their target ROI in the long term. This session will focus on how to design and manage a SharePoint Service that continues to build from your initial deployment. Components of a SharePoint Service include roadmap planning, feature and solution release planning, a support system for Power Users within Business Units, ongoing training, and the creation of a center of excellence to highlight business solutions, to name a few. This SharePoint Service framework is designed to support a working relationship between IT and Business Units in order to maximize the value of your SharePoint investment.

Speaking Engagements

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