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Welcome to my portfolio site!  This is where I aggregate all of my content from around the web and index project micro-sites. An overview of the entire portfolio is located at EricaToelle.com.

You’re probably here because we have a shared interest in visual art and media.  If that is the case then you might be interested in the following projects:

  • Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music, Visual Art and New Media | Seattle, WA: An annual festival + year round events, located in Seattle, WA.  All music performances include a visual art experience.
  • Visual Art | Google Shared Items: I limit myself to two posts a day over on the Tumblr site.  If you would like to see more items subscribe to this RSS feed.
  • Visual Art | RSS OPML: Import this file into your favorite RSS reader to subscribe to all of the design RSS feeds that I use.

Music [Mostly  is another love we might share:

  • Recommended Music Events for Seattle, WA | Blog: x
  • Spotify | ericatoelle:
  • Last.fm | ericatoelle:

I am also a Business Consulting and Enterprise Information Management geek.  Here are some information sources for those that share similar interests:

  • Twitter | @EricaToelle: Mostly SharePoint [Freelance Business Consultant]. Also: Seattle Electronic Music [@dBFestival] Random Humor. Pour Speler.
  • SharePoint Blog | Erica Toelle: xxxxx
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